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Brooksville Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash

By Farah & Farah on June 24, 2011

A motorcyclist traveling at a high rate of speed, early morning hours, no helmet – some of the elements of a deadly crash that killed a 22-year-old Brooksville man Tuesday morning, June 21. Tampa reports the 2005 Yamaha traveling westbound on Spring Hill Drive Road at 2 a.m. failed to negotiate a curve at Bentley Avenue and, according to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the motorcyclist hit a power pole, a road sign, and a tree. The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Our condolences are sent to the family and friends for this young man’s sudden passing.

According to government statistics, a motorcycle has about 37 times the death rate of a car. When a motorcycle crashes, there is less to protect the rider who is more likely to be killed or seriously injured. And the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found in almost half of all motorcycle deaths, just the one motorcycle was involved. In 2009, 24 percent of fatal crashes resulted from colliding with a fixed object. Speeding and alcohol use on the part of the rider may add to many single-vehicle crashes. In 2009, 48 percent of the 1,791 drivers killed in single-vehicle crashes were speeding.

Even if you share in some of the fault for your Florida motorcycle accident, a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in Florida can determine whether the legal argument of contributory or comparative negligence may apply. When a motorcyclist drives in a negligent manner but the roadway had debris on it, or the lights were broken on that stretch of highway, a judge or jury may calculate the amount of fault of each party. That may allow the injured motorcyclist to be compensated for some of his medical costs and lost wages.

There is rarely one cause of a motorcycle crash. Let Farah & Farah conduct a review of the specifics of your Florida motorcycle accident. Call our law offices today to schedule a free consultation.

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